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Valuable Tips for Preparing Your Home To Sell

Put down the Brush!

Watch Casey Samson, CEO of The Casey Samson Team, as he discusses the most valuable tips for preparing your home to sell, whether you are thinking of selling now or later. Call our team today, we will give our expert advice on the below tips and more. Our goal is to help our clients receive the biggest return on their investment.

5 valuable tips for preparing your home to sell…now or later.

1. New Interior Paint: New paint in 2023 colors with our preferred professional painter. Sellers who make this change, get increased traffic, multiple buyers and the highest possible price and terms.

2. New Hardware: Replacing hardware throughout your home is key! Changing door knobs and fixtures from brass to brushed nickel, black or oil rubbed bronze is an easy way to update your home with minimal changes and investment.

3. Smart Bathroom Update: Styles change every few years so consider this and look at updating plumbing fixtures, adding new lighting and updating the mirrors for a more modern look.

4. Smart Kitchen Update: Kitchens can easily be updated without large expense by changing light fixtures, plumbing or hardware. These small changes can add up to a big return for little investment.

5. No Cost Changes: We all love free. Here are a few recommended changes that are at no cost to you!

* Declutter
* Remove screens from windows
* Remove window treatments
* Remove knick knacks
* Remove or thin out large furniture

We offer a free in-home consultation and expert advice on what improvements will get you the biggest return on your investment. We are here to help whether you are selling now or planning for a future move.