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A Time to Buy: Family Shared Equities

How can families work together in todays real estate market?


  • The best listings still have multiple contracts
  • Low money down contracts rarely win
  • Low money down loans pay higher interest and exorbitant Private Mortgage Insurance fees
  • 20% down is the minimum down payment to secure good homes
  • 20% down offers the best rates and terms
  • Most first time home buyers do not have 20% to put down


Family Shared Equity

  • Parents or grandparents put up 20% down
    • If home is more expensive, make larger down payment
  • Kids make the mortgage payments
    • Parents are not on the loan, but they are on the title
  • Family can decide how they split proceeds when the homes are sold:
    • Parent can get their Down Payment back
    • Parents can get down payment back with agreed upon interest rate
    • Parents can get a % of net equity
    • Parents can gift the down payment as part of future inheritance

Buying a Home


  • Kids stop throwing their money away on rent
  • Kids get a home and put down roots (and keep the grand kids close)
  • Kids get best possible interest rates
    • No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
    • No higher interest rates
  • Kids get tax deductions
  • Kids do not have to start with homes they will grow out of in 3-5 years
  • 20% help them secure good homes
  • Parents money is in a safe real estate investment

Win Win

Win for the kids, Win for the parents/grandparents

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