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Our Team

We use West Coast Trends on the East Coast.
Our driving principle is that “We don’t list homes, we sell homes.” For us, it is not just about listing your property on the market. We aim to secure the best deal for you in the shortest possible time.
Our success rate is an impressive 96%, and only 6% of our homes have home inspections. Listing a home with our team involves five key steps: Pricing Strategy, Home Prep, Marketing Plan, Predictive Analysis, and Contract Negotiations. Our team has the expertise to make your selling experience a breeze.
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Our proprietary models show where we are, how we got here, and where we are headed. We determine value by applying adjusted price per square foot, % of assessment of proper comps, upgrades, condition, and lot premium or discount. Once we know the value, we look for the largest buyer pool to ensure you get the highest possible price for your home.

Expect a comprehensive market evaluation of your home, giving you the confidence to make the right decision. Let’s find the ideal price for your home!

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Preparing to Sell

Your Home

When it’s time to put your home on the market, making quick and informed decisions is essential. That’s where your realtor comes in! With our expert knowledge, our team will help you choose the best staging option to transform your home into an irresistible property that appeals to buyers. Together, let’s make your home a real showstopper!

Are you thinking of selling your home, but worried about the expense of making cosmetic improvements? Don’t be! In fact, these improvements are an investment, not an expense. Simple changes like updating the paint, hardware on doors and knobs, electrical and plumbing features, and adding a few well-placed modern rugs can take your traditional and dated home to a buyer-friendly transitional style. And the best part? These changes can return $7-$10 for every $1 invested! This will appeal to the largest amount of buyers and spark that seller favorite, the bidding war. Trust experienced realtors like our team to select the current colors and have our trusted contractors do the job.

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Your Home

Marketing starts with great pictures and custom websites. We use the “Coming Soon” period to drive traffic to the sites in 4 ways:

  • Social media can target people from around the area, across the country and around the world using key words, hashtags, buyer characteristics and behaviors.
  • MLS displays Realtors that have saved searches for their clients. These Realtors and their clients, receive targeted, professional emails that drive them to the homes website.
  • Renters in the school district and in corporate house are great places to target the perfect buyers and invite them to the open house.
  • Neighbors are not noisy neighbors. They are the biggest advocates for the neighborhood, schools and area. We consider them valuable sources for family, friends and business associates trying to get into the neighborhood.

“To make your upcoming launch a success, it’s important to start with eye-catching visuals and personalized websites.” Our goal is clear: to increase your visibility and attract buyers who are a perfect fit for your home.

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Our unique approach entails keeping a close eye on the MLS Buyer pool, which enables us to anticipate the number of contracts we may receive based on the number of buyers showing interest in your property. Moreover, we leverage multiple strategies during the “Coming Soon” phase to drive traffic to your listing website. These tactics comprise a diverse set of marketing techniques that have been tried and tested, and will certainly create a buzz and generate anticipation for your home.

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If we have done our job, we get multiple contracts and the real money is on the line. There are two type of offers:

  • Offers with an escalation clause are best for buyers. They allow buyers submit a lower offer with an escalation to a higher number. Many listing agents still allow escalation clause. We do not.
  • Highest and best offers are best for sellers. It forces buyer to immediately go for their highest offer. This usually produces one or two contracts $25,000-$75,000 higher than the next closest buyers. It also makes buyers remove contingencies for home inspection and appraisals. These are the only offers we accept and we have yet to have a home inspection, appraisal or financing contingency in 2023.
  • One of the first questions I would ask a Realtor is “Do you allow escalation clauses?”. If they say yes, find another Realtor.
  • Other important contract items are: contingencies, cash down payment, selling agent experience, correspondence lenders vs Banks or brokers, and rent backs.

Our team of professionals will ensure you come out on top while optimizing the deal on your terms.



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Meet The


Our team is led by company founder Casey Samson. We are agents who sell homes, and not just list them. We have the highest success rate because we do enough business to afford state-of-the-art marketing while allowing the principal to participate in every deal.

Today’s market is not about sticking a sign in the ground, There are ten of thousands of dollars at stake. If you follow these steps, not only do you get Maximum Profit, but you get it in the shortest period of time.

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Welcome to the Casey Samson Team, the #1 medium team in Virginia according to the Wall Street Journal. We are also the #1 Virginia team at Samson Properties since 2016, and placed in the top 0.05% in the nation as per RealTrends TheThousand.

In 2022, our team achieved a production of $159M. The average sales price of our top 50 homes was $1.52M, and they were sold at 131% of the assessment, significantly outperforming the market average of 123%. Our homes are typically sold in just 7 days. Moreover, no seller has to pay high commissions to sell their luxury home in our markets, which include Northern Virginia Resale and New Homes.

Choose The Casey Samson Team and embark with confidence on a successful home selling journey!