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2019 Seller Tips

2019 Seller Tips

Traditional Style is Out!

Today’s buyers are looking Simplicity and Style of Transitional homes.
The good news is going from a Traditional home to a Transitional home does not have to be difficult or expensive.
CST provide sellers with free and inexpensive ways to move the home from Traditional to a more buyer friendlyTransitional home. Casey  attends every listing to price and suggest improvements if needed.

Small Teams Have Highest Success Rates

Small Teams have the principle involved in every deal and a top producer to pay attentional to every detail producing a 90%+ success rate.

Large Teams promise to buy homes they can’t sell it, but had 336 homes withdraw unsold.  Success rates are in the  50%-60% range.

Large agents carry very heavy inventory which prevent much needed attention to detail. One agent has $55M in active listings with $2M under contract. Success Rates are in 40%-50% range.

The Casey Samson Team was named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top small teams
in the state of Virginia.

Commissions Reductions

Despite some hold outs, the internet and some brokers giving agents 100% have driven down commission rates and and will save sellers money in 2019.
In 2010, 10% of the listings offered 2.5% selling commission instead of 3%. Realtors told sellers you had to offer 3%.
By 2018, 65% of the listings offered 2.5% selling commission instead of 3%.
The Casey Samson Team offers sellers a competitive full service commission for homes in salable condition priced correctly.

Selling in the first 30 days is critical

The best time to sell a home is in the first week when multiple contracts produce the highest values and give sellers maximum leverage over buyers during the inspection process.
During the second two weeks a home attracts interested buyers who did not want to get caught up in a bidding war but could still sell at full price.
After 30 days, buyers consider a home is stale and must have something wrong with it.
65% of CST listings sell in the first weekend
85% of CST homes sell in the first 30 days
CST top ten homes sold averaged $1.55 Million in an average of 24 days

Listing presentation is changing

95% of the buyers will find their homes on line. Brochures will become less important as online presentations will be critical. We have a full time staff creating listing webpages and linking them to targeted social media ads.
Our Sample Listings:

Social Media Helps Target Today’s Buyers

Under construction

Once we identify perfect buyer based on:
  • Age
  • Employment
  • Sex
  • Family composition
  • Income