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Waiting to Sell Your Home? The Wait is Over!

Waiting to Sell Your Home? The Wait is Over!

In some markets, we are getting so many contracts in the coming soon period that sellers have the option of selecting a great contract without going active. These contract may be 10’s of thousands of dollars over list price and contain no contingencies for home inspection, appraisal and financing. 

Selling during the coming soon reduces covid concerns for home sellers. 50 showings may seem like a blessing to some, but a risk to others. 

50% of our 2021 transactions have received their highest and best offers during coming soon without showing the home. 

20 of our 20 listings this year have sold at or over list price, in an average of 4 days, without home inspection, appraisal and financing contingencies.

CST Coming Soon Protocol:

• Prepare the home for today’s buyers
• State-of-the-art photography
• Create customized websites
• Promote to hundreds of Realtors with interested clients
• Target buyers using Social Media
• Notify everyone we accept contracts during ”Coming Soon” period
• Chose a winning contract, plus back ups
• Buyer previews home after the status has been changed
• Instead of 50 showings, there is 1-2 without compromising the highest and best value
Sellers can choose to have their home go active and receive showings, or sell in coming soon.
We have found, in some markets, there is no difference in the outcome. 
Now everyone can participate in this strong seller’s market!
Remember, this market is red hot now but keep an eye on inventory, it may not last through spring.
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