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Renting vs Owning a Home

Navigating the ever-fluctuating landscape of real estate and housing markets can be a complex journey. One common question posed to our team “Is it better to rent or buy a home?”

Consider this scenario of a renter:

The renter gets a 3,000 sq ft home built in 1970 and pays $2,600. 

  • By 2024, his rent has gone to $4,100.
  • Rent continues to rise
  • He has to move every 3-5 years
  • His equity is $0
  • His tax right offs are $0
  • His pride of ownership is $0
  • He has paid down the owners mortgage $300,000


On the flip side of this housing tale is the homeowner:

The owner pays $850,000 for a 3,000 sqft home built in 1990, and pays $3,500 per month after taxes.

  • The owner pays $3,800 per month after taxes.
  • By 2024, paid down their mortgage over $325,000
  • Over $500,000 in tax write offs
  • Over $1M in equity
  • The owner’s payment is locked in.




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