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Next Generation of Selecting a Realtor

Buying and selling real estate is considered essential!  

Coronavirus Paves the Way for a New Era in Selecting a Realtor to Sell Your Home.

The coronavirus may have a silver lining in the real estate world forcing Realtors to go online via Zoom and streamlining their listing presentations.

Pre Listing Interviews can include:

  • Pricing Strategies
  • Marketing Plans
  • Market conditions
  • Agent track record
  • Company or agent benefits
  • Listing protocol
  • Key Pictures and presentations
  • Question and answers

The real winner here is the seller who can interview multiple Realtors without having to walk each through their home. Based on the fact that 40% of the homes in Northern Virginia withdraw unsold, selecting a Realtor is critical to a successful sale. These pre-listing Interviews only take about 20 minutes, so sellers can talk to 5 Realtors in the same time as interviewing 1-2 in their home.

Realtors will still have to visit the home, but In a no pressure environment, A seller has more choices and can quickly decide which agent they would like to invite to do the:

  • Final interview
  • Pricing strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Do  “To Do” list
  • Set a schedule
  • More thoroughly walk through the listing process

In a time of personal isolationism, it is the safest way to proceed.

In the future, it is the most efficient way for sellers to find the right Realtor.

View our NEW Safety Protocol and Listing Protocol

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