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Small Teams

The first decision a seller needs to ask:

Small team, Large Agent or Large Team?

Large agents struggle to handle large volumes of unsold listings. One agent has $55M in unsold listings. The results are low success rates.

Large team principles focus is on lead generation and management, instead of working on transactions. The results are below market success rates. One large team that promises to buy your home if they can’t sell it had 336 listings withdraw unsold.

Small teams across northern Virginia are posting some incredible success rates. Here’s why:

  • The principle goes to every home to make sure price and condition give the home the highest chance for success.
  • Small teams focus on smaller geographical regions
  • Each listing has a top procedure pay strict attention to detail for a smooth transaction.
  • A smaller number of experienced agents mean higher quality control and minimal management.
  • Small teams have enough volume to afford full time social media and marketing professionals needed to find today’s buyers.
  • Small teams focus marketing resources on selling homes, not lead acquisition and agent recruiting
  • Small teams usually have 70%-80% of their inventory under contract. The industry standard is 33%
  • Small teams sell over 90% of their homes. The industry standard is about 60%

Give yourself the BEST opportunity for success and contact our small team today! If clients are outside of our coverage area, we refer them to one of the top small teams in their market area anywhere in the United States.


Results Count

$100 Million+ annual production

92% of our listings sold without home inspections or appraisal contingencies

90% of our listings sold in the first weekend

The Casey Samson Team listing protocol produced over $6M in premiums for our sellers in 2021.

In Vienna, sellers chose The Casey Samson Team 6-1 over the average top 20 agents.

Casey Samson meets with every seller meets with the seller, rates, prices and sets the marketing plan.

Every listing has an experienced Top Producer in their area or price range.

Watch Casey talk about this topic on the latest Coffee with Casey, Episode 16