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Our team combines over 100 years of professional real estate, finance and business experience,
with some of the brightest new minds in sales and marketing, to create incredible listing experience for our clients.

  Our Team Leader, Casey Samson

As a member of the United States Marine’s elite Silent Drill Team, perfection, work ethic and attention to detail were eternally instilled in Casey’s professional life. Casey started his real estate career in 1981 with interest rates at 17%, so he became a leader in creative financing and problem solving. In 1995, Casey developed Computer Loan Network which allowed lenders to bid on mortgage loans on a new thing called the internet. 2 years later, they invented Lending Tree. Casey combined the perfection and attention to detail of the Silent Drill Team, with his created solutions of the 80’s, his internet expertise from the 90’s, his 30 years of real estate service and his ability to recruit top talent from his years as a National Champion football coach, to form the guiding principals of The Casey Samson Team.

I learned at the early stage of my coaching career: “Good players make coaches look smart, and bad players make coaches look dumb”. Our high quality professionals make our team and our sellers homes look incredible.

Casey Samson

How The Casey Samson Team uses West Coast Trends to Benefit our Sellers
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In 2021 we have $131M+ in sales with $71M in Vienna.

#4 Medium Team in Virginia 2021 according to Real Trends

#1 Team in Fairfax County

We helped over 120 clients buy and sell in 2021 in an average of 7 days
with a sales price 8% higher than rest of the market.

Homes over $1M lose $1,000 per day after
sitting on the market for more than 10 days

Our Top 50 Sales Averaged $92,000 over the Market Average
CST average SP: 132% of assessment. Market average:123%

In Vienna, sellers chose The Casey Samson Team 6-1 over the average top 20 agents.

NOVA Real Producers recognized our very own Casey Samson in Legends in Real Estate – icons who have each contributed significantly to the culture and milieu of our NOVA real estate community through their hard work, perseverance, dedication and mentoring in over 20 years in the business.
The Casey Samson Team was the featured story in the February edition of NOVA Real Producers, a publication for the top 500 agents in Northern Virginia. The article goes into Casey’s background and success as a championship football coach and how he tailors his real estate team around the same principles and fundamentals. Read the NOVA Real Producers Cover Story

Casey Samson Proves a Small Team Concept is Best

Small teams across northern Virginia are posting some incredible success rates. Here’s why:

  • The principle goes to every home to make sure price and condition give the home the highest chance for success. Maintaining a high quality of listings makes for a more efficient team.
  • Each listing has a top procedure pay strict attention to detail for a smooth transaction.
  • A smaller number of experienced agents mean higher quality control and minimal management.
  • Small teams have enough volume to afford full time social media and marketing professionals needed to find today’s buyers.
  • Small teams usually have 70%-80% of their inventory under contract and sell over 90% of their homes. The industry standard is about 60%

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The Evolution of the Casey Samson Team

Casey and Bernie teamed up in 2016

In 2007, based on the success of Danny Samson’s and Samson Properties Full Service model, Casey got back into the brokerage side of real estate. Casey teamed with Julie Hart, Samson Properties top assistant, and then his business took off. Kelly Samson, Casey’s daughter, joined the team in 2011 and has been the backbone ever since. Colby Smith and Pat Samson left Long and Foster and C21 respectively, joined the team and brought their best practices with them. In 2016, based on his confidence in our team, Bernie Kagan, Samson’s second largest team, turned his clients over to us. Pam Mooney, Bernie’s long term partner and her daughter Shayna (who was running another large team at Samson) joined our team and brought Bernie’s best practices to our team. We then convinced Billy Samson, a Clemson grad who is a financial and negotiating wiz, to join our team. His sister Michelle, who brought her own expertise of today’s communication tools, is now our director of communication.  The last piece was getting Morgan, Casey’s other daughter and sales powerhouse, to join the team, which she did in 2017.

 Casey, Pat and Pam’s 90 years experience,

Kelly, Colby, Billy, Shayna and Morgan’s eye for today’s buyer requirements and attention to detail,

Julie’s and Michelle’s back office talent for conventional and social media marketing, as well as communication skills, combined to produced a real estate Dream Team for our sellers and buyers.

“I partnered with the best we at Samson Properties have, Casey Samson. It is no surprise that Casey and his team are far and away the #1 Realtor’s at Samson Properties, and are widely recognized by numerous sources, including the Wall Street Journal.” Bernie Kagan



Results Counts

The Casey Samson Team is Samson Properties #1 Team

 Our track record of selling our listings at 102% of our list price in an average of 12 days is unmatched by any other real estate team in the industry.
Pricing and attention to detail are our keys to success.

Samson Properties is the Largest Family Owned
Real Estate Company in Northern Virginia

Over $3Billion in 2021 production & 5,000+ professional agents and growing.