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2021 Year in Review

2021 Year in Review
“A Year Like No Other”

We have built the strongest team possible and created strategies that help buyers and sellers in every market. We keep an eye on the market like a hawk and keep our clients aware of the latest conditions and market trends. Our goal as a team every year is to come up with new tools to beat our previous year and specifically looking at new marketing, client communication and pricing strategies. So look out 2022 team, this is how the 2021 team did! 

$131,522,595 in Northern Virginia Sales 

Our Top 50 Sales Averaged $92,000 over the Market Average*

90% of our listings sold in the first weekend.

In Vienna, where we are best known, sellers chose The Casey Samson Team
6 to 1 over the top 20 Vienna agents.    

  • $81M in Vienna/Oakton Sales 
  • Over $87M in homes sold over $1M
  • 130 Homes sold in an average of 7 days at 108% of list price
  • 123% of Assessed Value. Rest of the market 119%
  • Average Sales Price over $1.05M

Pricing Strategy is the Key to Success: 

Vienna home listed over recommendation at $1.45M and received $1.385M. Neighbor listed at recommended $1.35M and sold for $1.55M.

One neighbor listed at $850K and received $917K with no contingencies

The neighbor with the same home listed at $925K and sold for $840K with a long list of inspection items.

A home listed during Coming Soon at $1.35M did not test well, so we launched the listing at $1.3M. They received huge traffic, multiple contracts with 2 offers at $1.49M.

2021 Top Stories:

  • Home in Vienna had 99 showings, 10 contracts and sold for 162% of it’s assessment at $1.39M
  • Home in Oakton had one contract at $1.4M. Fear of another contract drove the buyer to raise their bid $150k and remove all inspections
  • Home on Hunter Mill had buyer bid $175k over their own contract
  • Oakton home sat unsold with another Realtor. Relisted with CST at $2M, received 6 contracts in the first weekend and sold at a $150k premium
  • Sellers on Trillium House Lane were worried about listing over $700K. We listed at $725K. We had 11 offers and negotiated a final price of $820K with no contingencies.
  • $1M homes in Centreville have been stagnate. We listed a home again on Trillium House Lane at $1,350,000 and received multiple offers. Negotiated to $1,450,000 with no contingencies.
  • Seller was frustrated with Realtor and called our team after withdrawing the listing. We relisted and sold 1st weekend $50K above list with no contingencies.
  • We listed a home on Pelhams Trace and sold $50K above list with no contingencies.
  • Highest sales price in Franklin Farm subdivision, $1,000,000 before going on the market. No contingencies.
  • $55k over asking price the first weekend, no contingencies and 60 day free rent back.
  • $32k over asking price the first weekend, no contingencies. All while clients were retired in FL.
  • Edgewater home sold before market, $160K over list for $1.31M with multiple offers, sight unseen!
  • Edgewater home sold in the first weekend $102K over for $1.27M after the first contract pulled out at $1.25M.
  • Edgewater home sold in the first  weekend $150K over list for $1.25M
  • 92% of our listings sold without home inspections or appraisal contingencies
  • 90% of our listings sold in the first weekend, 92% in the first 7 days.
  • With year end inventory down 32%, expect these stories to continue.

Large Team Technology, Small Team Service:

We price homes using our proprietary CST Pricing Models that have proven to be the Gold Standard of real estate valuation.

We attract the largest buyer pools by preparing homes for today’s buyer.

We market to renters in the school district, neighbors with friend and families, Realtors and buyer around the area, buyers from across the country and around the world.

We negotiate from a position of strength and get our sellers the best possible deal. 

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Top Vienna Sales: