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Three Pillars of Real Estate Success

The Casey Samson team, experts in the three pillars of real estate success.

What’s your home REALLY worth?
Ask Northern Virginia’s TOP pricing expert Casey Samson, CEO of The Casey Samson Team to find out the true value of your home.

How accurate are we?

Here is how we do it: 

Pillar #1

Compare Apples to Apples.  The following attributes are used to determine “Qualified Comparables”:

  • Similar size
  • Similar age
  • Similar style
  • Within 1 mile radius
  • Sold in the last 180 days

    Compare, model, value and more.

We also compare:

  • Above grade price per square foot (Sale price/Square feet) adjusted for size and age 
  • Percentage of assessment of like kind (Sale Price/County assessment) 

We generate 4 CST pricing models. We compare your home to:

  • Your Neighborhood
  • 1 mile radius of like kind size and age
  • Sales of similar age and size within 1 mile of your home
  • Sales of similar price range within 1 mile of your home
  • 10 year growth rate of homes of similar size and similar age

Thresholds matter. A $710,000 home, listed at $700,000 is seen by 3 times the buyer pool and generates the most contracts, highest price and provides sellers leverage throughout the transaction. We also compare our listing to the other homes in that threshold.

True value is only obtained when the maximum amount of interested buyers have an opportunity to see the home and bid on it.  Homes must remain on the market for at least 4 days and have one open house to provide the maximum price.

Other factors:

  • School District
  • Lot 
  • Traffic pattern
  • Upgrades
  • Market conditions
  • Condition
  • Basement

20% of a homes value is determined by condition.

Pillar #2
Condition and Upgrades

Traditional Style is OUT.

Dated Homes Cost Sellers Money. 

Simplicity & Style of the Transitional look is in. Younger homes appeal to a larger buyer pool. By the time a homes is 30 years old, it’s value can by vary 20%. The determining factors  for its value are the type of upgrades the homes has, and the way the home is presented and its overall condition. Homes are expected to receive “generational updates” every (x) years.  This means after (x) years if the home is not properly updated and maintained it is seen as dated.

Today’s buyers are online and searching for your home.  Your home will catch their eye or be eliminated within 15-20 seconds.  Remember, according to the U.S. Census, an average commute is 30 minutes.  This means a prospective buyer has to like what they see to get in their car and drive 30 minutes to come see your listing.  De-aging your home ADDS tens of thousands of dollars in value.

Learn more about Condition and Upgrades here.

Internet marketing is #1 with today’s buyers.

Pillar #3

Most buyers will see your home online first.

  • Great Pictures are the building blocks of a professional presentation.
  • Custom websites are built for every home highlighting the top ten things a seller loves most about their home.
  • Social media marketing and geofencing allows us to identify and target our buyers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google ads.
  • Targeted ads generate 20 times the traffic as generic ads.
  • Analytics and weekly reports give our sellers insight on exactly what is happening online and add visibility to our social media marketing.

Results Count!

The Casey Samson team, experts in the three pillars of real estate success.

74% of our homes sold in the first 10 days

88% of our listings sold in first 30 days

at 100.2% of our list price

$46M homes sold or under contract in first half of 2019

Contact our team before you contract anything!
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