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Vienna’s Most Expensive Football Field is up for Sale

Vienna’s Most Expensive Football Field is up for Sale

In 2002, a gunman by the name “the D.C. sniper” terrorized the Metro area during a 3 week period in October. However, a Vienna neighborhood banded together to allow one youth football league to not be afraid.

Backyard of Coral Crest Lane, where the team practiced.

In October of 2002, John Allen Muhammed and Lee Boyd Malvo terrorized the D.C. Metro area by killing 10 people, and wounding 3 others. The shootings happened over a three week period. Schools, activities, and life in general was shut down during this time. In the town of Vienna, Virginia, one youth football team wasn’t going to give into fear.

Casey says “The Vienna Steelers banned together in the Coral Ridge cul-de-sac of one of the players homes. Parents stood guard at the entrance of the neighborhood so the boys could continue to practice.” That team included head coach Casey Samson, star quarterback Billy Samson, and supporting dad Pat Samson. All of whom are now members of The Casey Samson Team, Samson Properties #1 Real Estate Team.

Today, one of the very homes that helped safe guard those players is up for sale, 9464 Coral Crest Lane. This home is offered for sale by the very coach of that team, Casey Samson, for $1,550,000. Home buyers, own a small piece of football history and visit

Written by Casey Samson