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First Three Quarters of 2021

CST Top Stories for 2021

  • Seller receives $100k over list with 1 week in Naples, FL with airfare and 2 weeks in Sedona, AZ
  • Buyer bids $150k over their own bid. Only bidder.
  • Buyer bids $175k over their own bid. Only bidder.
  • Buyer bids $250k over list and $150k over next highest bidder
  • $2M Seller sat on market, switched to our team, we sold ourselves for $150k over list the first weekend
  • 1 Property had 24 contracts
  • Only one home inspection and only on appraisal contingency in 2021

Big Team Technology, Small Team Service

Results Count

First three quarters of 2021

$52.1M in Vienna Sales 

$63.9M in Vienna/Oakton Sales 

$97.7M in Northern Virginia Sales 

More stats from our team in the first three quarters….

  • Over $63M in homes sold over $1M
  • 96 Homes sold in an average of 7 days at 107% of list price
  • 123% of Assessed Value. Rest of the market 119%
  • Average Sales Price over $1.05M

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