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Home Seller Tips for 2019

As we enter the new year and the new selling season, Casey has rounded up a list of useful Home Seller Tips for 2019.

1.Your first job is to select a top realtor. There are top realtors, large teams and small teams. Top realtors have large inventories and have difficulty providing the service sellers need. Large teams are becoming more prevalent and making claims like “If we can’t sell your house, we’ll buy your house”. Last year one large team had 336 home withdraw unsold or unpurchased. 

Small Teams have proven to be the most successful option for sellers. They are big enough to provide the type of social media marketing sellers need while every listing remains under the direction of the principal. Each listing also has its own top producer that provide the attention to detail every seller needs. 

2. Price is still king. In 2018 if homes are not priced correctly they suffer. The longer a home stays on the market, the less value the seller receives. Homes should be priced to generate multiple offers, which provides the highest price and the most leverage during the home inspections. 

3. Preparing your home for sale. Homes need to go from a traditional look to a transitional look, in a quick and cost effective manner. Homes unprepared for sale struggle. 

4. With the help of your realtor, sellers need to monitor traffic and comments to make sure the home is priced correctly and in the proper condition. 

5. If the home is not sold in 30 days, the condition, pricing and marketing need to be reexamined. 

6. Sellers and their family and friends need to share social media posts about their home. This increases the amount of exposure the home gets online exponentially. 

If you are thinking of selling your home in the next 5 years, contact us BEFORE any improvements are made to the home. The Casey Samson Team can guide you on the highest return on investment for upgrades and improvements. 

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