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Coffee with Casey

Welcome to our brand new real estate series, a Sip of Coffee with Casey. A shortened, condensed, version of our full length web series Coffee with Casey.  We have packed these short 5-10 minute clips full of home owner, home seller and home buyer advice. Stay tuned for more sips, updated monthly! It’s here…all of our Sips of Coffee with Casey in ‘Pod’ form! Subscribe Now

How to Find Out What Your Home is Really Worth. 

In this first episode Casey will discuss a topic important to home owners when they are considering price and value of their home.

How Do We Rate Your Home?

Casey Samson discusses the art of data authentication and how our team’s realtors find the true value of your home.
Whether it’s an customary or extraordinary home. 

Update Your Home

Casey and Billy Samson give home owners thinking of selling valuable advice on home investments
that bring the most return on investment when they are thinking of selling. 

 Technology in Real Estate, How Does it Help? 

Casey and Billy Samson sit down and discuss how today’s technology help home buyers and sellers.
Watch how our team leverages tech to help target realtors and online buyers.

Home Buyer Edition: Why Buy a Home?  

Casey Samson, Billy Samson and Mike Filan of First Heritage Mortgage tackle the home buying process.

Seller Strategies for 2020

Home sellers #1 question to our team: When do we put our homes on the market?

Home Buyer Edition: New Construction

 Why do home buyers need representation when buying a new construction? 

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All of our Sips of Coffee with Casey in ‘Pod’ form! Subscribe and listen 

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