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Home Seller Tips for 2019

As we enter the new year and the new selling season, Casey has rounded up a list of useful Home Seller Tips for 2019. 1.Your first job is to select a top realtor. There are top realtors, large teams and small teams. Top realtors have...

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Home Buyer Tips for 2019

New construction home buyers beware. New home builders are going to do two things. One, they will talk you out of using a realtor and two throw things by you like no appraisal contingencies. When buying a new home, having a realtor by your s...

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2018 Recap & Market Update

2018 Recap: The real estate market follows consumer confidence. When confidence is high the market is good. In 2018, consumer confidence was flat and so was the market. This flat market resulted in a 12% decreases in the Northern Virginia ma...

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Home Buyer Advice: Mortgage Insurance

Ever wonder what Mortgage Insurance is and why you need it? Our preferred lender Mike Filan, VP at First Heritage Mortgage is here to explain. When homebuyers are learning about financing their new home mortgage insurance is frequently ...

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Coffee With Casey: 2019 Home Trends

Coffee with Casey is Tomorrow, November 29th! Topic up for discussion: 2019 Home Trends: Traditional is Out & Transitional is in. Simplicity & Style are what attracts today’s buyers. Learn how to transform traditional homes i...

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When is the best month to sell?

When is the best month to sell? Most people wait to put their homes on the market in the spring. Consider this: Last March, 93 homes were listed and 70 homes, or 75%, sold. Last December in our test market of Vienna, 24 homes were l...

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Small Teams are the Wave of the Future

Large Agent or Large Team? The answer is neither! Large agents struggle to handle large volumes of unsold listings. One agent has $55M in unsold listings. The results are low success rates. Large team principles focus is on lead ge...

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Market Update and Open House October 21st

Market Update and Open Houses October 21st Recently Tyburn Tree in Oak Hill's Franklin Farm went under contract after 10 days on the market along with the beautiful Valley Drive in Vienna, Hunt Valley in Vienna's Westwood Estate, and a n...

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New Website Launch and Open Houses October 14th

New Website Launch & Open Houses October 14th We are pleased to announce we are live with our new site! This is a result of months of edits and design meetings and it's all for you, our clients! This site includes an Introduction to T...

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Open Sunday

Market Update and Open Houses September 23rd

We are proud to announce we are one of the sponsers of the We the Dogs DC 2nd annual Bipawtisan March in Washington D.C. The event is this Sunday, September 23, 2018. The goal of the Bipawtisan March is to bring the community together as ani...

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